Fah Chak WO+MAN was created in 2016 by Fah Chakshuvej. Born and raised in Bangkok, Fah was interested in art and culture from a very young age, an influence from her artistic mother who does fine arts and furniture design. At 15, Fah decided to go study in the UK where she has discovered she wanted to do fashion. Since then she spent over 10 years studying, traveling, collecting and working in Europe.


Our creative director, Fah received a First Class Degree Honour for her Bachelor degree in Fashion from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication (London), Fah continued with her Masters’ degree at The Royal College of Art. She graduated in 2011 with a specialty in menswear design. This plays a big part on how she approaches garment making. Fah strongly believes in the importance of how clothes are created and does her own pattern cutting. She enjoys experimenting with how 2D can lead to 3D forms while providing practicality and comfort.


Whilst studying at The RCA, she has won several prestigious awards such as The Conran Foundation Award from Sir Conran. She was also one of the finalists at The International Talent Support #10 (ITS#10) in Trieste (Italy) where she won the Maison Martin Margiela award. After winning the MMM award, Fah continued to gain professional experiences in Paris working at Maison Martin Margiela as their junior designer for menswear line 10 and 14.

Fah utilizes garment making as a media to explore 2D and 3D forms on the body, she combined her love for great style and tailoring together and started WO+MAN line. WO+MAN offers a wardrobe of stylish everyday-wear, casual chic weekend pieces and simply elegant evening gowns. The garments are designed to enhance the life style of modern working women where practicality and beauty has to run side by side. For example, Fah Chak WO+MAN’s outer wear is perfect for cooler climates however, the sleeves can be taken off whenever it gets warmer or dresses that keep women feeling confident and stylish at work while providing subtle sexy details so they can continue to enjoy their evening out straight after work. The core behind our creations is not only to concern beauty but how each detail can meet the challenging lifestyle of women today.


Fah Chak WO+MAN is proud to create realistic and wearable garments for everyday use. Materials are carefully selected to compliment minimalist ecstatic and modern technical details. Each piece is originated with a purpose, sometimes, multi-purpose. Underlined with sophistication, chicness and confidence, WO+MAN collection is designed for any event, scene and any time of the day. Wherever life takes you, the garments with ensure comfort during your journey and arriving with grace and confidence.